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Analytical Chemistry, Applied Chemometrics
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Interactive 2D van der Waals gas simulation


To the right of this text is an interactive 2D simulation of a van der Waals gas. The following is a "standalone" link that will adapt to different screen sizes (and is therefore more useful for general education purposes):

The simulation can be interacted with in the following ways:


My interactive van der Waals gas simulation is a copyrighted work. It may be displayed free-of-charge for not-for-profit education purposes. I reserve all other rights.

Note: if you have a potential use case that may not be covered by the preceding statement, please do contact me using the "Show e-mail" button next to my picture. I would generally like for this to be used by the community as a tool for teaching (and potentially research). In that light, the current license is merely a placeholder for something more appropriate. What that "something" will be depends on your feedback!


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Last updated Sunday, the 13th of May 2018